The horrors of the night will become terribly real as you undertake a journey that will determine the fate the Ustalav; a nation whos traumatic history still lies in the hearts of its superstitious citizens, struggling to eke out a living while holding back the darkness.

The Carrion Crown is a six part adventure path by Paizo for their Pathfinder Role-playing Game(PFRPG) with beginning, middle, and end. This game will start with at least 4 player characters(PC) starting at level one, and will conclude with the last adventure with the PCs at around level 14.

Below is a guide to the tabs on this page:

Adventure Log

This is where you will find a rolling log of the adventures so far in the Carrion Crown. Players will have the opportunity to obtain extra experience points(xp) for their character by submitting in-character journals of the sessions events to the GM.


The Wiki is where you will find information on places, people, and events of interest that do not fall into the perview of the Adventure Log. Any house rules will be listed on this section of the website as well.


This is where you will find information on the current and past band of adventures in Ustalov.

Character’s will be generated at level 1 using the guidelines in the House Rules section of the wiki.


Items of note that were found, purchased, or created by the party.


The forums will be an important part of the web presense of this campaign. Some between session play by post role-playing will be done there, and PCs who participate will have the oppurtunity to gain extra xp here as well.


Here you will find dates of intrest to include the dates of each session and their location.


Useful maps of Ustalav and adventure related areas will be found here. Locations of interest will be marked with links to their wiki pages. On the main campaign map, green markers will indicate where the party is located, blue markers will mark settlements, and red markers will mark dangerous areas found.


Comments can be placed here by players and GM a like.

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Carrion Crown

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