Carrion Crown

Expedition Report #2

During the night, the townsfolk were roused by an emergency council meeting at the town hall. Ms. Lorrimor was determined to attend as well. So we all readied our gear once again and set out to protect her and glean whatever knowledge we could from the tight lipped populace of Ravengro. The meeting was more a chaotic squabble between the residents. Ulric, a gunslinger, decided to confront the council concerning their transgressions and their perversions of the truth. As the arguement raged on, all of the lamps inside the town hall erupted into burning flames. Strange flaming skulls appeared out of the fires and began to assault all of us trapped within the blaze. Our party managed to bring them down without much fuss. However, the town hall was quickly burning to the ground. The forethought of Ulric and Shen to take out a window and establish a secondary exit using one of the benches surely saved many lives. Once we were all safely outside the building there came upon the air a mysterious tune played by pipes. The townsfolk were instantly mesmerized by this and could not be roused from their stupor. A small plague of Stirges approached and began to attach themselves to us. I managed to keep away from the dangerous stinger of my assailant and deliver a coup de gras to the horrible thing with my dagger. The rest of our party pulled through the fight without sustaining mortal wounds, though not entirely unscathed. The sheriff of Ravengro was felled by a stirge so I quickly treated his wound and sustained him until the clergy of Pharasma arrived to perform healing spells and create water to douse the raging fires. It became all to clear to the town council that we were the only thing standing between them and the restless spirits of Harrowstone prison. The following day we were offered a healthy reward for our services to rid Harrowstone of its troublesome inhabitants. We found a few strange devices of the professor’s design. They may prove an invaluable asset in our expedition this day. As I write this my allies prepare themselves for what we may face in the grim penitentiary to the south. If we survive, we’ll have each garnered a healthy foothold in our ascents to fortune and greatness.



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